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yeah Im drawing!!(I’vent been in good mood to draw lately) and Im glad ^7^, so this charactes are from an story with a friend, I have never post to much about them here(or in any other website ughh) teehee! maybe one day I tell its a pretty long story XDD and kinda old??(it has 3 years?? 4??)

Gloria(the girl) and Lawliette(the guy with the gun thing) belongs to me.

Henrot belongs to my friend.

 Hey I posted Lawliette’s first desing here!(we didnt had an story yet)

Hey!! gay sardines back!!! I was so artblocked with them XDD but today I guess was my day…

So I came with the random idea of why Fenrich would be so mad by Valvatorez promise(obviously this is just a joke, something funny to think) anyway, Valvatorez sometimes asks Fenrick to suck some blood from him or something XD and it evoles lthe way he does as you can see(but Valzy just thinks that its about blood so he see it like normal) and Fenrich starts to like but then Artina thing happends and yeah xDDD dfhdjdtsdf Im so bad explaining ideas ughh….

Ok nonsense gore! Y7Y)9 fanart for Tokimekiwaku.

Im just so IN LOVE with The count I yhink I will be drawing him a lot XDD(maybe some sketches xckjvxkd) hi is my favorite one!(but I like all her characters!!) you should check about!!! its so GREAT!! I love them and her drawings are pure awesomeness!!! <33  

So yeap, I know The count wouldn’t hurt Baxter but I just got this idea and wanted to draw it(eat his sickness means “eat his love?? idkfgjdzfgjsd) YvY sorry~

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